Dec 16, 2009

a connecticut state of mind

This just killed me last night.


I love New York, king of all the cities
Lived up by the Guggenheim 'til I got some kiddies
Moved to Connecticut, bye George Pataki
Volvo to the dry cleaners, pickin' up my khakis
Shopping mall is close, my community is gated
My shorties are all private school educated
Home theater system, 60 inch plasma
Clean suburban air much better for my asthma
Still hit the city, Times Square keep it real
Hard Rock Cafe for the appetizer deal
M&M store, Disney Store, I'm in heaven
I own this town from 41st to 47
Tickets to the Lion King, that show is fantastic
Leave half an hour early so I can beat the traffic
I can get home really fast drive my rock some EasyPass
Land of cheaper gas and the upper middle class

...but I'm sure I got some wrong. Corrections welcome in the comments.