August 15, 1995

mid-august miscellany

The day that Netscape goes public, Jerry Garcia dies of a heart attack. Coincidence? I think not. Jerry must have had a buy order in at 71, and watched it plummet to 52.

I read Dave Winer’s DaveNet pieces regularly, but have never responded. Until yesterday. Email makes everything seem so personal. I’m not a letter to the editor type… But Dave’s inbox rules probably filtered out my missive. Depressing.

I bought something over the Internet Shopping Network a couple of days ago. Then I hear this morning that Netscape’s SSL encryption was broken by a couple of guys in France using some Cray supercomputers. Great.

August 24th is almost upon us. Word from Microsoft is that they’re planning a half-hour prime time infomercial to push Windows 95, with er star Anthony Edwards hosting. The Revenge of the Nerds is complete.

Originally published on Stating the Obvious.