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overdue comeback / in a volvo-shaped handbasket / design sensibilities v. design skills / liquid angels / hi. i'm bill. / for some reason this reminds me of jeff spicoli / this is a depressing letter / i will buy these / be an unbeatable person / adam mathes is on fire / typing in textareas / Land, Speed and Bonneville: Places: Design Observer / all is vanity / nothing compares to sinead / first amendment for $200, alex. / actually, this is exactly what i was looking for. / kermit and jim / glorified cursers [sic] / there shouldn't be any guilt involved in these pleasures / that show was a piece of work / obsessive much? / more data exhaust / groan / breathe deeply / belief is a choice / typekit + adobe / the list goes to 11 / sweet and sour / reed me / one of these things is not like the other / jukebox hero / gawker v. the awl / game show hosts for $1,600, alex / eclipse / but will anyone ever play cayce pollard? / but who can take a year off to travel? / baggage galore! / the freemium myth / oracle v. android / mistah kurtz, he dead / like i need an excuse to eat more cookies / after the explosion / this is the best you can do? / tweetdeck and the single stream / the best deck on the internets / file under: professional jealousy / tim carmody at kottke / ruth bourdain gets a new intern... / one of our engineers even figured out how to make a hat / faster! faster!! / berkun on wave and kin / new bay bridge / we used to do this by hand / surrender monkeying / one other thing re. flipboard... / I love this view / [this is good] / the horn section makes it / wait. she's human? / it may have explained the prozac in the drinking water / flipboard, the new digg and stream fatigue / berkeleyside on traywick / art logic / no one was looking for wave / mmm, tiny. / true/slant shuttering / borthwick on the ipad /

March 2010

teriyaki nectar / salon on chelsea / creating overwhelming feelings of parental-themed inadequacy, one blog post at a time / completely out of context / greenberg down under / mmmm, animal-shaped foods / what's happening? / pancakes on acid / owen's back / i want a public bike / belief-suspending / today's must read / sound advice / services from p&g / ross on pavement / signs of spring / ezra on literalness / another reason to subscribe / she smokes to quiet her racing heart / onward and ahead, paul ford! / now that's a conference / tyler green's abstract painter bracket tourney / herbivorous rage / new rules for new delivery devices / insularity breeds insularity / game over / wrigley maintenance / lady gaga is going to be on glee / how you like me now / entitled to care, starring jason schwartzman / the multi-layered ipad / pluto is no longer a planet / i am also a huge fan of soulver / thanks, dave! / now that's a party / world class, a.k.a. international hullaballoo / the flickr commons / the DFW archive / the canon blaster / nightmares in neon / does the model have her shoes on the table? / paul ford will be at sxsw / smart marketing from @jenbee / quite a lot! / home is where i want to be / david byrne's dream / now i want a sous-vide cooker / irony / formless and definite content / fluxblog on spiritualized's 'come together' / only a little wine? meh. / kids or no kids, that is the question / hurt locker <> documentary / couldn't agree more / consuming its own waste for substance /

February 2010

context, context, context / it's possible, maybe, some say. / imagine the meeting / ascii++ / AP photographer not included / wall street loves curling, too / tacocat / morford on woods / mark richardson interview at fluxblog / koki tanaka's everything is everything / broken basketball / ten rules of publishing / it's 1.5 ounces of OH MY GOD SHUT UP ALREADY / Coverflow really is an awful way to read news. / the other book i'm looking forward to this year... / that's it...this means WAR. / quarter mile groove / curling explained / the seriously flawed opera proxy / i experienced that 'superior customer value' once... / invoking the ghost of clara peller / from hitching post to parking meter to bike rack / from flickr to television / go see three screen ray in person / so...i guess you didn't like it? / i love style rookie / hey great! a new app store! / kindle as service v. kindle as product / can 4sq, gowalla, etc. steal from the yelp budget? / feature? / connecting the arch with the city / the distinction between sites and people / it's that 'being in the air' bit that always gets me / authentic imitation and the ipad / um, ms. winfrey? are you ok? / siri was worth the wait / quote of the day / for the life between buildings / he owns that medium / not to mention, having root is frightening / he's very disappointed in all of you / what would he do? / some criterion titles going out of print / we have a monopoly on michael sippey / my favorite unhappy hipster / holzer tattoos / another way to see, another way to think /

December 2009

not enough. / more on metadata and digital publishing / i love chicago, really! / this is bloody messy / it's the metadata, stupid / if you don't have anything nice to say... / from viral loops to game driven marketing / fred's top 10 / jonathan rosenberg posted a 4,400 word rorschach test / that's not art / where finished = done / transitioning to all knowing digital / bonnier + berg's magazine tablet concept / very, very active. / the secret of the book / no such thing as a free pass / spot instances / on the other hand, the trophy polish causes brain damage / ideal syllabi / hidden nuggets / why what matters now just won't / how 'bout them apples / facebook product tagging / the tail-eating snake of the web / rhbaby on the clash of the titans trailer / and now? not so much. / pvrblog for sale / fanfilm / facebook following / the preference of monsters / the list to end all lists / on a wave of schadenfreude / invisible / when harry met sally at the dentist / we've always been at war with verizon / james franco, performance artist / a frickin' miracle / why i love six apart / elegant thinking / an EC2-based proxy for spotify? / apple + lala / yesss. very powerful words. / faster faster faster / the song remains the same / chicago's holiday train / what was missing from the sports illustrated tablet concept / updated scoreboard / convenience as interface / blogs + pandora + lala = amazing / which reminds me / respect / new york times editors slain by the googlebot / i want one of those / differentiated dns / way below the fold / video killed the radio star / the startup visa / the six million dollar man / something's wrong with the head / [this is good] / nice work, @joinred / left as rain /

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