Oct 17, 2003

head spinning

Three related things from this morning’s news bin. First, David Weinberger’s writeup of Lessig’s talk at POPTECH. I heard Lessig last week (or the week before last?) at SFMOMA, giving what seems to be a similar talk, tuned for the art crowd. The refrain was “free culture,” where free was used both as an adjective and a verb. Second, Denise Howell’s writeup of Doctorow and Dyson’s panel at Digital ID World. Agree with the danger of unintended consequences of captured data (enforcing privacy policies is a human problem, not a technology problem), but find the potential RFID use case of smart furniture just a tad far-fetched. Third, Werbach on what is Internet infrastructure, which reminds me that end-to-enders need more case studies like Akamai to prove commercial viability of building smart apps on top of the dumb infrastructure instead of the other way around.