Nov 25, 2003

design and data

I was fooling myself with all that Georgia. I’m not a Georgia person.

(Those of you reading the site in your favorite 3-paned news^H^H^H^H RSS reader won’t really care. Which reminds me – Six Apart needs to get moving on the whole stats thing. I can tell how many folks are viewing the website, and from whence they came, but how many are reading in a trisected UI? And in which trisected UIs are they reading? And heck – here’s one that’ll really tick off the purists – how ‘bout some transparent GIFs and chocolate chip cookies to track usage by individual? That way we could know who’s grabbing the feed, what portion of those folks are reading the feed, and then what portion of those folks are actually clicking through to site to comment. Oh, and, while you’re at it, how about some outbound clickthrough tracking so I can tell if people actually follow the links I so lovingly provide? Imagine a world where Six Apart-hosted sites get their inbound and outbound traffic and link data pumped into Technorati automagically, and Technorati can rely on that data (instead of spidering the Six Apart universe) because it comes from a trusted source. Because who wouldn’t trust the Trotts?)

Anyway. I’m more of a Verdana person.