Nov 18, 2003

it's all his fault.

So Jason’s gone and redesigned, integrating all his content into one column, with all sorts of tricks to have movie reviews, book reviews, “classic” posts, remaindered links, etc., appear in-line but with mini-templates of their own. All of which is great, of course…I mean who doesn’t love the big K?

Then why do I have this nagging feeling that someday we will all return to the talismanic ur-format of, where everything’s on one page, all scrollable, searchable (CTRL+F, anyone?) and even permalinked for user-friendliness. Categories? Context-providing Google links? Comments? Revenue producing reading lists? Micro-ads? Daily, weekly and monthly archives? Feh. It’s all about the output.

Remember, kids: this is all his fault. All of it. I blame Carl, and you should too.