Jan 08, 2004

all the young dudes

A while back I posted about declining television viewership amongst males aged 18-34. iMedia Connection is reporting that the latest “Simultaneous Media Usage Survey” from BIGresearch shows that “the missing demographic is migrating toward instant messaging and the Internet.”

Amazing numbers: since August of 2002, 18-24 y/o male television viewership decreased 8.8%. 24-34 y/o male television viewership decreased 12.2%. They’re spending more time online than they are watching TV – 187 minutes v. 160 minutes, respectively. And they’re doing it in primetime: more than 40% reported online activity between the hours of 7:30 and 11:00 pm. Joe Pilotta, the VP from BIGresearch, hits it on the head.

“The Internet requires more involvement plus more of an action orientation, especiallywith gaming on computers,” he explains. “Also, TV programming has little to say to this age group.”

L8R, tube.