January 06, 2004

just like the old days

In case you’re just not MacWorld’d out, and still hunting for that perfect encapsulation of today’s reality distortion whatever, check out arstechnica’s review of the whole shebang:

Twenty years after bringing desktop publishing to the masses, giving everyone the power to create really bad brochures and church bulletins, Apple has done it again. Garage Band makes it possible for even the most computer illiterate and tone deaf individual to make horrible music through drag and drop simplicity and brightly colored icons, complete with incredible sample instruments that may very well be the first “clip art” of the 21st century.

Oh, and there’s this, too, which reminded me of the old days

Then he said the first thing during the Keynote that seamed real. “We love music, we love it just like you guys do.” In that one sentence it seemed like everything he was doing was because he really believed technology was cool, that it could be used for things, and not just as end in itself, that he wanted to make something — besides a buck. It was very cool.

Anyway, now that I’ve excerpted all the good parts for you, go skim it yourself.