February 24, 2004

bgcolor tags, unite!

Did you know that today’s Grey Tuesday? We’re all supposed to color our pages #c0c0c0 in order to show solidarity for Danger Mouse, the DJ who mixed the Black Album with the White Album, managing to create something politically interesting but entirely unlistenable. (Now, if he had mixed together the other Black Album with the White Album, then we might have had something…)

Anyway, all of this reminds me of the 24 Hours of Democracy “demonstration” from eight (count ‘em, eight) years ago. I wrote about it here, but dammit if Carl and Joey didn’t nail the thing on the head….

Almost as exciting as signing the petition to get a cig machine installed into the high school cafeteria, we’ve made our page black, to join the Voters Telecomm Watch-sponsored protest of the signing of the Communications and Decency Act into U.S. law. Did we say protest? Well, OK, maybe we don’t need to leave the office, but we promise to play some tracks off of that “Protest Rock” disc we picked up at the local Tower Records outlet. Admittedly, it probably took us about as long to turn our page white on black as it did the EFF to Photoshop the AIDS ribbon blue, but no one ever said raising awareness would be easy. Maybe if John Gilmore says “The net interprets censorship as damage, and routes around it,” once more, it will all go away.

Copyright and protest and stylesheets, oh my!