February 18, 2004

demo blogging

Best blogging of Demo comes from Jeffrey Nolan of SAP Ventures, who sums up everything he saw in two posts: Blogging from Demo and Blogging from Demo, Day 2, which included this great nugget…

I’m kinda done with these collaboration companies, they really aren’t raising the bar on online collaboration, just doing better online meetings… which is about as close to a plague I can imagine! Just what we need, more meetings! If you really want to enable innovative online collaboration, where is the integration with email, mobile devices, KM apps, portals, wikis and blogs!

Oh, and this micro-bashing of Groxis:

Groxis is back after launching the concept at Demo last year. I tried to hook up with these guys after meeting them last year, but I got the feeling they didn’t see much value in working with SAP, guess we weren’t kewl back then, but hey I got a blog now so things are looking up. I think that the last year didn’t result in the Google-like success they expected and now they are back with a re-engineered product…. still seem pretty cocky to me. At $49 a copy I just don’t see these things happening in the market.