August 24, 2004

k street on dvd

For whatever reason, Trina and I were the only ones we knew who were hooked on K Street last year – the HBO mockumentary series from Clooney and Soderbergh. Produced weekly in near real-time (watch the weekly talk shows on Sundays, write the rough script on Monday, shoot Tuesday - Thursday, edit Friday, air Sunday, repeat), the series had this delicious mix of reality and surreality. Carville and Matlin hammed it up as themselves, while pros Mary McCormack, John Slattery and Roger G. Smith (who was brilliant) carried the drama. And there were enough cameos from congress-critters, presidential candidates, pundits and lobbyists to seed a “spot the insider” drinking game.

Despite the instantly-stale topical plot lines of the first few episodes, I’m ordering the DVD of the full season to relive the delicious Valerie Plame leak thread that brought down the Carville / Matlin PR firm. Damn you HBO for killing K Street and sticking us with Entourage.