October 15, 2004

feeddemon style

I’ve been an avid FeedDemon user since Nick Bradbury announced the 1.0 beta.  One of its best (and least-exploited) features is its user-customized newspaper styles:  FeedDemon uses XLST to create different views of feed data, which end up rendered in an IE control.  I’ve been building a newspaper style based on the “Savvy” style that uses a some simple JavaScript to show/hide news item details on click.  Install this style, maximize the browser control (F11) and voila – a streamlined 2-paned reader instead of (IMHO) an overdesigned 3-paned “Outlook style” reader.

Even though about five of you will know/care what the hell I’m talking about, I give this to you.

> Download Sippey.fdxsl (9.2K)