Oct 11, 2004

blatant spousal promotion

Late last year Traywick Gallery morphed into Traywick Contemporary when Trina moved her business from her gallery space on Gilman in Berkeley into our house, gracefully making the shift from “retail” to “private” dealer.  We installed flat files, turned a massive closet into art storage, buffed up the home office…and now she’s doing just what she did before – representing her artists and connecting them with collectors – in a different environment. 

While she’s been doing a few private events and artist talk type things at the house, it’s not all wine and brie.  Back in March she took over the basement space of Crown Point Press (formerly occupied by the dearly-departed Refusalon) for a month-long show of Susan Martin’s sculpture (reviewed here by Kenneth Baker).  Starting this Thursday the 14th she’ll be in the 49 Geary building in downtown San Francisco for five weeks with a show of Charles LaBelle’s compound photographs

If you don’t know LaBelle’s work, you should.  He takes thousands of photos while traveling, cuts 1 inch square pieces from contact sheets, and assembles them into large (think 3 by 6 foot) tapestries.  They’re absolutely stunning.  If you’re in San Francisco Thursday night, come by:  5-7 pm, 49 Geary, 5th Floor.  The show runs from Wednesday - Saturday, 11-5 from October 14 through November 20.