Jan 20, 2005

ordered list

With apologies in advance to the inimitable Merlin Mann, five things I’ve yet to tire of, after all these years…

  1. Discussions of the pros and cons of various ways to combat unwanted messaging.
  2. The guitar sound in The Breeders’ Cannonball.
  3. To do lists.
  4. The lip-smackingly-close way that Carl Kasell is miked on NPR in the mornings.  You can hear.  Every.  Syllable.  Dis.  Tinct.  Ly.
  5. New devices.  You’d think I’d be over that by now.  You’d be wrong.

More soon, patient reader. This site’s place in your favorites list, your My Yahoo prefs, or your fully synchronized OPML-driven info-cloud aware self-organizing attention management system is appreciated.