Aug 02, 2005

the situation well in hand

Forget the product itself, the best thing about Mighty Mouse is the passive aggressive way Apple's marketing department has capitulated to the contextually clicking world...

Alas the fate of the one-button mouse in today’s multibutton world. Who has time for intuitive, elegant design when there is so much clicking to do?

But hey, they make up for the attitude with deliciously extraneous features!  After all, the only thing better than a multibutton mouse is a multibutton mouse with sound effects!

Mighty Mouse even sounds as good as it feels. The audio feedback built into Mighty Mouse provides an aural sensation that responds to your movements. When you scroll or click, Mighty Mouse produces subtle sound effects based on your actions.

As the old song goes, "Mr. Trouble never hangs around / when he hears this mighty sound / Here I come to save the day!"