October 13, 2005


Odds and ends.

  • I must have some kind of reputation for being an insatiable gadget person.  I have no idea where people could have gotten that idea, but no, I’m not rushing out to buy a video iPod.  Who wants to pay $1.99 for music videos?  And besides, I just got a Nano for my birthday.  It’s so thin
  • Top three moments of Web 2.0, for me:  Mary Meeker’s High Order Bit (40 some-odd slides in 15 minutes, how can you beat that?  You can’t.), Mena’s description of LiveJournal, and the teen panel where the girl from UC Berkeley was clearly flirting with the surfer boy with the deep voice.
  • I’m a bit worried that once again there are t-shirts commemorating parties.  “Hey!  Let’s tempt fate!”  Jesus, people, don’t wake the bear, he’s resting.
  • Bloglines now has keyboard shortcuts, and there was much rejoicing.  Apps that encourage information consumption should afford speed reading.
  • Lost.  You’re watching this, right?  Where the hell did Desmond run off to?  And why does the bunker have a brand new washer/dryer set, while everything else seems to be from 1980?  And, more importantly, is this story Locke’s or Jack’s?
  • I’ve been trying to read fiction again.  Recently knocked back No Country for Old Men and Everything is Illuminated, both worth reading (despite what Caterina said).  I’m about 1/7th of the way through I Am Charlotte Simmons, but fully expect to get about half-way through and then throw the book across the room like I’ve done with every other Wolfe book I’ve read.  would love to be proven wrong.
  • What I really want to read, though, is Peter Morville’s book, Ambient Findability.  I mean, how much more Web 2.0 could you be?  Actually, if I could read that while wearing one of those t-shirts, I’d be set.

Here endeth the bullets.