Mar 25, 2006

more phone

Different strokes for different folks:  I'd probably find the Motorola PEBL (Won't somebody please start using vowels again? Do it for the kids; a generation can't be raised on consonants alone...) utterly boring.  Proof -- I just finished my first week with a new Cingular 8125 (aka the HTC Wizard), and it's pretty damn great.  It's about the size of the Treo 650 (without the antenna), has a slideout keyboard, a big touchscreen, wifi, Edge, a 1.3MP camera, an accessible miniSD slot, etc.

Of course, it's not for everyone:

  1. You should not have an allergy to Microsoft products.  That rules out those different folks who think different. Ly.
  2. Related to number 1 above, you best be using Exchange, with an IT department (or outsourced provider) who lets you sync over the air with ActiveSync.  (OTA ActiveSync is absolutely brilliant.  Step one:  take phone out of box.  Step two:  configure sync URL, username and password, press sync.  Step three:  enjoy up to date calendar, contacts and inbox.  Forever.)
  3. You should have nimble thumbs. 

Note that numbers 2 and 3 describe a nice slice of corporate America that is laying the track for RIM's gravy train.  Something tells me that ride's gonna end soon, esp. with the update to Exchange which pushes email proactively to Windows Mobile 5 devices.