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May 18, 2006

timbuk2 goes retail

If I didn’t already own almost every model they carry, this news would be terribly frightening:  Timbuk2 is opening has opened* a retail store in Hayes Valley in San Francisco.  Timbuk2 has done a terrific job of creating a compelling online experience (build your own bag, anyone?), so I’m interested to see how they do with retail.

The latest addition to my (always) growing collection of bags – their Ace Day Pack.  I’ve always hated laptop backpacks – they’re usually way too big and way too ugly – but this one is just right.  Just the right size, just the right pockets and in all black you can’t go wrong.  (They’re not paying me, I swear…) 

Now, if only I could fill it with one of those sexy little 13” MacBooks…

* Thanks, Owen!

May 08, 2006

autodim me, please

So Apple laptops have this great power-saving feature that will automatically dim the user’s display after N minutes, and then return to full strength on any kind of keyboard or mouse activity.  Can someone please explain why my Thinkpad doesn’t do the same thing?