Sep 09, 2006

cody's sold to yohan

The Chronicle covers the sale of Cody's to Yohan, Inc., the Japanese book distributor.  In it, there's a sad quote from Andy Ross about his surprise to San Francisco's reaction to the Cody's that opened in the city...

"I thought we would just open the doors (in San Francisco) and everyone would pour in. That was pretty stupid. Cody's was so well-branded in Berkeley that I took it for granted, but still there are a lot of people in San Francisco who don't know that the store exists."

Just like the micro-climates, there are micro-markets in the Bay Area.  This shouldn't have been news to him...  But at least there's a decent ending in this for Cody's, and the 4th Street store is still one of my favorite places to buy books.