Oct 12, 2006

two stupid usability things

Two quick software usability things I have to get off my chest.  (I blog so I stop bothering the people who sit near me with my inane ramblings.)

  1. I use Windows at 1024x768, and run most of my apps fully maximized.  It drives me absolutely batty that I can't move my mouse cursor all the way to the edge of the screen to grab the scrollbar in my browser, my email client, the document I'm working on.  Instead I have to target the scrollbar by going to the edge and then backing up a few pixels.  This seems very braindead -- when apps are maximized, app borders should shrink to 0 pixels to allow for appropriate Fitts' behavior.
  2. There must be a name for the behavior of moving your mouse pointer to the action you'll do next once the page loads.  If there's not a name for it, someone needs to name it, and it needs to be something more clever than what I call it now, which is "that thing you do with your mouse based on muscle memory while you wait for the page to load."
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