Apr 09, 2007

high / low

The high / low culture conversation continues with two recently interesting bits of media.  First, if you haven't been directed there already, the WashPo piece on hiring Joshua Bell to play in the Metro is an incredible read.

He was, in short, art without a frame. Which, it turns out, may have a lot to do with what happened -- or, more precisely, what didn't happen -- on January 12.

From art without a frame to art with a massive frame, Peter Gelb, the General Manager of the Metropolitan Opera in NY was on Charlie Rose this past Friday night.  He talked about the direction of the Met, the simulcasts they're doing into movie theaters around the world, and the demographics of the opera crowd.  (To very roughly summarize, five years ago the average age of the Met opera goer was 60.  It's now 65.  Gelb clearly has his work cut out for him.)  You can watch the interview on Google Video; it's segment three so you'll have to fast forward a bit.  If you're at all interested in the arts business, it's worth the time.