Apr 06, 2007

naming by pairing

Via Serious Eats, this Kerry Miller Business Week piece on San Francisco's Amazing Food Wine Company's new wine brand, "Wine That Loves," which labels bottles by the food they should be paired with.  Think "Wine That Loves Pasta with Tomato Sauce."

A little Googling turned up a great post on Wine That Loves at Brand Autopsy, with this comment from Paul Williams of Idea Sandbox:

What's ballsy is that Amazing Food Wine is willing to let these particular wines stand for only one thing (pizza for one, chicken for the other). Most marketers would want to put the 20-items that their product pairs with... "Geez, aren't we leaving money on the table if people only buy the 'pizza wine?' when they have pizza?"

Would love to hear what our friends down at Vintage Berkeley think of this...