June 06, 2007

i say it here, it happens there

From this very blog, just one week ago:

I wish this plane had a screen in the seatback in front of me showing one of those neat real time maps.  But instead of showing progress at the state or nation-state level, it would show progress at street or near-street level, so that instead of having that “Wow, this flight is taking forever” feeling, you could have that “Holy shit we’re going incredibly fast” feeling.  It almost goes without saying that this Holy Shit Map(tm) should be toggle-able between map, satellite and hybrid modes.

From investor.jetblue.com, JetBlue Airways Announces Partnership With Google Maps to Provide Real-Time Flight Tracking Feature:

JetBlue Airways Corporation (Nasdaq:JBLU) today announces a partnership with Google Maps to provide customers with a real-time flight tracking channel on its signature seatback televisions to map the aircraft’s route.

Maybe I should blog more often.