Jun 22, 2007

kedrosky on hilton

Paul Kedrosky has a great post on the centrality of Paris Hilton, inspired by the fact that more of the demonstrating companies at the Supernova Tech Innovators panel mentioned her than things like, say, AJAX.

I have diddly use for Ms Hilton and the 24x7 coverage of her brief jail visit, but there is a deeper import here. A bunch of blogs that I don’t read, like TMZ, are newly winning the traffic wars. What such sites generally have in common is that they don’t even have passing acquaintance with technology, geek-ish stuff, and early adopters. Instead, they are oriented toward the sort of inane pablum that fills supermarket glossies, 7pm TV shows, and such. They are, in other words, all about celebrities, gossip, and entertainment.

If you haven’t already, go read the whole thing.  And if you’re not the “reading type,” just scan for the fantastically illustrative chart which tells the whole story.