Jul 03, 2007

creative destruction and feed slamming

The blog is dead, long live the blog.  I've been mucking about with a new-ish form at a new-ish URL, and it's time to flip the bit.  The switch from /filtered to /unfiltered is an attempt to return to what I used to do at theobvious.com long long ago with "filtered for purity": offer reasonably context-free nuggets of linky goodness.

The old stuff is still available, all the old permalinks still work.  But the new stuff will be here. In an act of what can only be called "feed slamming," I'm about to update my Feedburner account and instantly subscribe everyone over to the new stream.  I wouldn't exactly call it a bait and switch, since there wasn't much "bait" at the old place lately.  But I do recognize that the change in editorial focus and frequency may freak some folks out ...not to mention the flood of "new" items that I've been priming this with over the last couple of days.  Feel free to exercise your right to unsubscribe, but know I'll be sorry to see you go.

Housekeeping things:  the design's not "done" by any stretch, but you'll get the thing I'm going for.  I'm sure there are bugs galore, and I know the view-source types will gasp with horror, but I optimized for ship date...and I didn't want to bug any of the geniuses I work with to make it perfect.  There are, after all, only so many hours in the day.

OK, then.  Enough talking.  Onward!