July 25, 2007

muscle memory

Muscle memory is a bitch. Especially when making the switch from desktop apps to web apps.

I’ve been alt-tabbing between applications for 15 years (1992 marked the introduction of Windows 3.1, the Version That Mattered). I’ve only been CTRL-tabbing between browser tabs for what, three years?  The mental model of “to switch applications, alt-tab” is deeply, deeply ingrained; ctrl-tabbing between gmail, gcal, gtalk and gdocs just isn’t the same.  My recent preference for web applications is bumping up against a decade and a half of repetitive motion learned behavior.

And look, here’s the comment bait:  I know I can’t be the only late-30something who’s having issues adjusting to our brave new world.  What’s blocking you from going all web all the time?