Jul 09, 2007

my iphone is doing it!

With apologies to Merlin, the top five reasons this cartoon makes me want to throw up a little.

  1. Wife badgering husband.
  2. Wife badgering husband about mowing the lawn.
  3. Jeans in a hammock?  Plaid shirt?
  4. The way the iPhone joke was inserted into a scenario that is just dying for a New Yorker Cartoon Anti-Caption contest.  (Except Radosh would have to change the contest to the Time Magazine Cartoon of the Week Anti-Caption contest.  Which would make the contest a lot less fun for everyone involved.)
  5. The fact that one prominent blogger friend of mine who shall remain nameless (he told me this off the record) sees the cartoon as a form of insider commentary on a particular popular technology columnist.  I'll admit, though, that he was probably being "ironic."  Which is very un-iPhone, if you ask me.