Aug 01, 2007

silence is golden

Robert Olen Butler's (now open) email re. his wife leaving him for Ted Turner really could have used an editor.  An editor that would have consigned the entire thing to the "never to be spoken of again, much less sent" folder.

I was able to help her a great deal. She says I saved her life. But de facto therapy as the initial foundation of a marriage eventually sucks the life out of a relationship. And it is very common for a woman to be drawn to men who remind them of their childhood abusers. Ted is such a man, though fortunately, he is far from being abusive. From all that I can tell, he is kind to her, loyal, considerate, and devoted to his family, and perhaps, therefore, he can redeem some things for her.

Wow wow wow.  Train wreck in Tallahassee, details at 11.