Sep 17, 2007

a moment, bookmarked

The Emmy’s were a complete disaster. Sure, the Sopranos won the big one, but the wrong James picked up best actor, and Sally Field? Are you serious? Good for 30 Rock (“dozens and dozens of viewers” was a nice touch) and for Stewart and Colbert having Carrell accept the award he didn’t win. Basically, +1 to Tim Goodman’s liveblogging commentary which we were reading in kind of this weird asynchronous way while we skimmed the awards on Tivo.

But. But but but. The award to was the most bizarre thing I’ve seen in a while. Twitter is extremely useful for bookmarking moments (and look, now that moment has a permanent URL), and last night was a perfectly bookmarkable moment:

Guy from NBC’s heroes on a mac talking to myspace tom presenting an Emmy to al gore. Dissertation fodder.

At some point in time somewhere some doctoral candidate in media studies will dissect all of the multilayered richness of those 30-40 seconds of video. My head is still spinning.