Sep 13, 2007

must find out what happened next

Had a long conversation yesterday with someone about what happens to media when the only thing that's different between delivery devices is the size of the screen (small, medium, large), and the continuing power of story telling and narrative. You know, the normal "over coffee" bla bla for the pattern recognition generation.

But it reminded me that I needed to mark in the permanent record how much I'm enjoying FX's Damages. It's a great mix of over the top acting, a completely unbelievable story, delicious art direction and a fragmented narrative that is working forwards and backwards through the story at the same time. Every week I have to watch to find out what happened and what happens next. [1]

Plus, Ted Danson is brilliant. Who knew?

[1] I wonder if Tivo is collecting / sellling aggregate viewership data on not only what gets recorded and what gets watched, but how it gets watched. I can imagine a television engagement metric that measures the mean time between when a program is recorded and when it gets watched. Meaning even with the benefit of time shifting, the sooner someone sits down to make their way through a particular show, the more engaged they are.