Sep 08, 2007

next up, the secret diary of palmisano

Every once in a while (you know, like every third day) I come across a post that makes me insanely jealous in the "GodDAMNIT I wish I had written that" kind of way. Here's the latest: Fake Steve on IBM and Facebook:

They are going to assign fourteen thousand IBM programmers and a hundred thousand IBM business partners to the task of creating applications for Facebook, with a commitment to spend one billion dollars over the next two years on Facebook-related business ventures. First up: a version of Lotus Notes that runs on Facebook. Also, IBM Global Services has created a Facebook consulting practice to help big companies develop strategies for moving onto Facebook, teaching them how to use Facebook to gain competitive advantage over the other companies that IBM is also assisting with Facebook-related engagements.

I'm sure you've read the whole thing already, because it was posted yesterday and it's already today and thus by definition this is yesterday's news and I know, it's time to move on already. But seriously, I'm up to my eyeballs in green-colored jealousy.