Dec 21, 2007

kids these days

big news
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I don’t think it was this piece, but some quick hit on Morning Edition covering some aspect of the new Pew research about online identity and self-Googling, where someone quoted finally made the point that one approach for managing your online identity is to actually post more and more content under your own name. Bloggers have known this for years – you want to own the Google search results for your name – and it’s nice to hear this thinking finally make its way into the mass media.

But really, this is just an excuse to experiment with a new type of news blogging – taking a quick picture of the story you find while leafing through the morning’s paper…instead of going to the trouble finding the story and actually linking to it. Plus, it was a way to sneak Santa Claus on to the blog…so a big “ho ho ho” to all you Christmas celebrators out there.