January 14, 2008

five wishlist items for macworld

Just because, an entirely selfish list of five AppleiPhone-related things I’d love to see come out of Macworld this week. Not being a shareholder (you idiot –ed.), these matter to me more than some 0.3” thick flash-RAM based tablet multitouch Macbook bundled with free EVDO for life as long as you consume all your media through iTunes.

  • Bluetooth syncing for calendar and contacts. Somewhere in a drawer at home I have an old Nokia that will iSync to iCal and Address Book; why is it that I have to plug my iPhone in to get my latest calendar updates in my pocket?
  • Landscape view for mail. Not to read more effectively, but to type more effectively. It’s just more comfortable typing in landscape mode.
  • Haptics feedback for typing. Speaking of typing, I’d love a little, tiny piece of vibrate action when I type. The typing sound is annoying (to me and others), but I need a bit of feedback to make typing feel a bit more…real.
  • Navizon. They’ll have to add this, right? Isn’t this already available on a bunch of other devices with Google Maps apps?
  • A Kindle app for the iPhone. I did order a Kindle, but they’re hopelessly backordered to the point where Amazon customer support can’t won’t tell me even what month it’s targeted for. In the meantime, if Kindle really is a “service” and not a device, how about an app for supporting that service on the iPhone?

Hey, three of the five meet the “something in the air” criteria, don’t they?