Feb 04, 2008

chabon on obama

Despite the valiant attempts of many of my neighbors, I'm usually not one to fall for impassioned appeals for liberal causes. But I couldn't ignore the internal "hell yeah" that rose up after reading today's bit on Barack Obama from fellow Berkeleyan Michael Chabon...

To support Obama, we must permit ourselves to feel hope, to acknowledge the possibility that we can aspire as a nation to be more than merely secure or predominant. We must allow ourselves to believe in Obama, not blindly or unquestioningly as we might believe in some demagogue or figurehead but as we believe in the comfort we take in our families, in the pleasure of good company, in the blessings of peace and liberty, in any thing that requires us to put our trust in the best part of ourselves and others. That kind of belief is a revolutionary act. It holds the power, in time, to overturn and repair all the damage that our fear has driven us to inflict on ourselves and the world.