Feb 25, 2008

liveblogging reading some of the liveblogging of the oscars

Last night, 10:30 pm:  Finished watching our Tivo’d version of the Oscars.  Ba-boop’d our way through the montages.  Did email during some of the songs.  Didn’t liveblog.

Last night, 10:40 pm:  Check in on Vox neighborhood.  Hey, Anil liveblogged the Oscars!  Skim skim skim, scroll scroll, scroll.  Here’s a funny line: “Poor Nicole Kidman, ruined herself. Used to be fetching. I’m just saying. I do like her brave choice to wear a chandelier.”

Last night, 11:30 pm:  Oh, hey, looks like Jason liveblogged not watching the Oscars. How clever.  “My liveblogging outfit this evening: jeans by Banana Republic, long sleeve tshirt by American Apparel, socks by Wal-Mart, boxer shorts by Muji.” (Ahem, that sounds like a series of Facebook is statements to me.)

This morning, 11:00 am:  Wow, David liveblogged ‘em, too.  “I think Owen Wilson should take over Heath Ledger’s career.”  Yes!  Excellent idea. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

This morning, 11:25 am: OK, that’s enough.