Mar 27, 2008

bryan boyer's mega lincoln

Mega Lincoln, originally uploaded by bryanboyer.
			<p class="flickr-yourcomment">	&quot;If Lincoln, sitting on his throne in his eponymous monument, stood up and walked across the mall to check out the new Capitol Building, we would call him Mega Lincoln. He would stand 28&#39; tall, or about 30&#39; with his mega hat.&quot;</p><p class="flickr-yourcomment">I kind of like the idea of Mega Lincoln standing up from his throne and walking across the mall not to check out the new Capitol Building, but instead to go wreak some havoc on the White House. It&#39;d be like a history junky&#39;s version of that scene in <a href="">Independence Day</a> when the aliens destroy Washington (and the audience enjoys it just a bit too much).</p><p class="flickr-yourcomment">(Oh, and in case it isn&#39;t clear, the little Lincolns are life-sized, presented for scale against Mega Lincoln.)</p>