Mar 08, 2008

optimistic hyperbolic nonsense. and beer.

Via Waxy, who is, actually, in Austin this weekend, Mat Honan's post on his fake stream of <140 char posts from southby. Worth quoting at length.

So there I am. In Austin. Drunk. Foolish. Recklessly and unknowingly wealthy. Using pointless hashtags in my 140 character messages, and generally espousing the kind of optimistic hyperbolic nonsense that would indicate I have no memory of the years 1999 and 2000 when everyone with any sense realized it’s just a business, and not some sort of Utopian Flan we shall all consume together in glory!

But it is just a business. And if you ever fucking forget that at the end of the day your only purpose is to deliver to your customers what they need, you shall soon be back to tapping your trust fund. If you are not already.

Sure, it would be nice to be there. After all, I like the nighlife, baby.