August 25, 2008

dear lulu


File under “blogging this to remember it now” since Tim O’Reilly’s already spread the meme far and wide via Radar. Fourteen design students with Frank Philippin and James Goggin produced Dear Lulu, a digital book designed to test the capabilities of on-demand digital printers.

My plan for the workshop is to investigate the visible and tangible parameters of graphic design — type specimens, halftone screens and, in particular, colour tests and calibration charts — and make a book of our own self-produced tests which we will send to print on Friday afternoon using the online print-on-demand system Lulu. The book project will therefore act as a colour/type/pattern test of the very system with which it is produced.

Worth exploring since Trina’s considering some book projects for the artists she works with…


OK, maybe not. John comments that “I tested printing my infodesign book there and Lulu’s quality was just terrible. I can’t imagine using them for an art book.” And via Google Reader, Bryan Boyer shared this comment on the Waxy link…


In case you can’t read that (hi, googlebot!) here’s what he said:

Nice idea, but apparently Lulu uses a network of print shops across the country to fulfill their printing needs, so I’d be hesitant to put much faith in the reproductions being consistent across all their equipment.

Blog-o-insert-your-shape-here to the rescue.