August 28, 2008

like a one-two punch

The Atlantic’s Joshua Green delivers a pair of persuasive analogies in his piece Hillary Goes Out With a Whimper

Clinton didn’t need to match the intensity of Dennis Kucinich, who, earlier in the evening, hopped and screamed like a meth-addled Smurf. And she rose above the rote fare of the state legislator-types who fill the endless daytime hours. But true sentiment toward Obama was hard to detect. Clinton does magnanimity like Robin Williams does understatement: it doesn’t come naturally.

I haven’t had a chance to watch Hillary’s speech yet; though in the radio snippets I heard she did sound flat. I just loved the image of Kucinich as a meth-addled Smurf; he’d be the perfect co-star alongside Williams in a Smurfish buddy pic.