Aug 25, 2008

the big tent

Today's fascination: The Big Tent, the home of bloggers at the convention in Denver. Kelly Nuxoll at Huffington Post has a great post today describing the ins and outs of the tent...

With sponsorship from Google and Digg, among others, the Big Tent expanded to offer a lounge, a stage where speakers could address audiences of up to 350, breakout rooms for smaller gatherings, free lunch and dinner, a beer garden with an open tap, morning yoga, and a spa. A convention and media center in one, the Big Tent went up in two weeks and offers more wireless portals than the Denver Airport.

I'm especially interested in the interplay between the media producers in the Big Tent and, well, "traditional" media folks. Nuxoll again:

The best-case scenario may be that the Big Tent brings more people into politics by giving them more access to media and to each other. The worst-case scenario may be that the Big Tent, which includes a VIP blogger lounge, is a victim of its own success, substituting one exclusive political culture for another.

If you're looking for photos, check out Flickr for things tagged "bigtent," including these from the ever present Steve Rhodes.