November 10, 2008

puryear @ sfmoma

The Martin Puryear show is all its cracked up to be. I snuck a few snapshots at Friday night’s opening before the guards told me to cut it out. I like this one best…


Relatedly, Tyler Green takes the new SFMOMA website to task. “You don’t so much as see SFMOMA’s website, you hold still while it throws itself at you.” That’s good, but so is this:

San Francisco is ground zero for web and software innovation, but you won’t find evidence of that here. The museum hasn’t tried to integrate much that’s new and interesting – say, Twitter – into how it interacts with its audience, not does it provide new ways for its audience to interact with it. SFMOMA’s site is mostly more of the same.

We ran out of time and didn’t see the Participation show, but Kenneth Baker called it a “relic” in Saturday’s paper. Ouch.