Dec 24, 2008

dale dougherty on bill gates

Dale Dougherty writes an appreciation of Bill Gates on O’Reilly’s Radar.

The truth is that while he was busy developing software, he’s also worked on developing himself. He is the self-made American who has matured into a role model and leader. He is thoughtful and tactful where a younger version would have been brash and impetuous.

I love Dan Bricklin's comment...

So we have a new vision of techie geek: Works tirelessly to bring technology he/she loves to the world. If makes money, continues tirelessly to fix problems in the world. Sees all people as important, even if they aren't techie geeks or poor. Builds society and doesn't just live off of it. They may not dress in the latest of clothes, but you'd be extremely proud if your kids grew up to be one of them.

The post was inspired by the interview of Gates by Charlie Rose this week. Now in the queue for the holiday week.