December 12, 2008

it's new to you

Scott Berkun (of Making Things Happen and The Myths of Innovation fame) has posted a couple of interesting reviews on his blog of things you’ve probably already read/seen: Thoreau’s Walden and the pilot episode of McGyver.

Here’s Berkun on Walden:

Thoreau seems like the kind of fellow who spent too much time on his own, and his wandering mind, unaware of the confusion he creates in the minds of others, rambles around on its own selfish whims. He was a true recluse and I think it shows.

And Berkun on McGyver:

Forget the fun of wild ingenuity and brains over brawn I remembered the show for - which is there in moments - instead the show works on an entirely deeper level as a time warp back through television history when this sort of fantasy was acceptable entertainment.

I’d love to see more reviews like this — there’s so much archived content available online that enterprising bloggers could cut themselves a nice niche of reviewing things that are new to them.