Dec 12, 2008

single serving -- a play in one act

Hi, Mom! Hi, Dad! I’m so excited to be home for winter break — what a rough semester it was! Exams went OK, I think, but what really crushed me was the paper I wrote on single serving sites. Yeah, single serving sites. You know, websites that only serve a single page. It’s awesome, I published it as a single serving site — you can read it at Get it? What was it about? Well, it analyzed why people do it, how long their domain names are, whether those names have verbs in them, what their designs are like, what the future holds for single serving sites. It’s the awesome. What’s that? No, I haven’t really been keeping up with the news lately, as I said, I’ve been busy writing my paper on single serving sites. I mean, I know the economy’s bad and all… No, I didn’t hear that about student loans. Wait, why are you talking about student loans…I thought you were covering my tuition. No?