Jan 19, 2009

b0xxy transcription

“Ok hi, heh, ok heh. My name is b0xxy. Most of you know me as um oom ugh um most of you know me as b0xxy. I suppose if you’re watching this you probably know me as b0xxy, but um ugh ugh most of you don’t know me as moldy lunchbox…”

Andy Baio transcribes this b0xxy video in the comment thread of this post by Rex Sorgatz. At least, it looks like Andy did it; maybe he outsourced it to Mechanical Turk? (More b0xxy context, which I’m sure is exactly what you’re looking for on inauguration eve.)

Update: Andy points out in the comments that he pulled the transcription from Encyclopedia Dramatica. Which, you know, is sorta like Mechanical Turk.