January 02, 2009


I’m a fan of DestroyFlickr, so when I read today on Swiss Miss that Jonnie Hallman released DestroyTwitter, I installed straightaway.  It’s still beta, so YMMV, but I’m finding to be a highly polished, wonderful exercise in “app by control freak.” You can’t customize a damned thing – not the background color, not the font, not the app’s behavior of popping an upside-down toast message.  You can’t even resize it.

Which is why I was surprised to even see a preference screen. Unless the pref pane is just a stub for more things coming (Please, no!), and thus something needed to be there, I would have rather it be an entirely preference free app.  Unless, of course, this lone checkbox is a way for Jonnie to say “Hey, you know what? You thought there would be prefrences there, and there aren’t. Either enjoy the app the way it is, or uninstall it. Up to you.”

Or maybe I’m overthinking the whole thing.