Mar 13, 2009

sensory overload

While in New York last week, I spent a couple hours working my way through The Armory Show, an annual massive gathering of contemporary and modern art dealers from around the world. Here’s a shot from the catwalk above the contemporary section of the fair – it’s worth viewing the 1280px wide version if only to get a better sense of scale – in this shot alone you can barely make out the four aisles of booths that were in one wing of Pier 94…

view above the fair

I have tremendous respect for anyone who can spend any serious amount of time with that much art and walk away with any reasonably informed opinion of what was “good” or at least “interesting.” I love this stuff, and love someone who really loves this stuff (so I’m motivated to love this stuff even more), and I only walked away with a headache.

There were two pieces from the fair that have stuck with me, though. First, this perfectly timed piece from Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragse…

everyone is broke

…and this one from I don’t remember who because all I could think was “This must be how we get back to the island…”