Apr 14, 2009

please support quality online promotional video

I'm spending $3.99 to support the makers of this most wonderful promotional video1, and you should too.


I don't have a need for an iPhone application that only publishes Twitter posts, but, like you, I am a thinker, a taste maker and a very important business person, and I have a burning desire to support quality online video starring the guy who shows up to frequently ask something. So please, support quality online promotional video and buy Birdhouse for your iPhone today.

1 Via Techcrunch, where that frequently asking guy appears to have dropped in on the comment thread as "anon." (Hi, anon!)

Anyone who needs to store drafts of 140 character messages for later review is an idiot. The whole point of Twitter is lightweight real-time messaging. If you are actually going to be putting thought into what you are writing, you are probably better off publishing to a real blog, instead of an echo chamber like Twitter.

$3.99 for that piece of junk? I could code that in a day.

You should go do that, anon! That would be fantastic.