Apr 23, 2009

this is good, recently

I'm a compulsive saver of links. Links I save for no particular reason other than their general greatness I tag on delicious as thisisgood. Here are five recent ones. If they're not new to you, then you can derisively snicker "seen it" and move right along.

  1. I'm leaving forumville forever. Discuss.
  2. Ezra Cooper on the job of being a production assistant on The Shining. "KUBRICK: No! Keep typing!" (There, I've spoiled the punchline. You'll have to clickthrough for the setup.)
  3. A fantastic Talk thread at Serious Eats: What do you collect? There's the usual lists of course (fiestaware, hot sauces, etc.) but also a few gems like this one: "I think I have the world's largest collection of grasshopper pins."
  4. Flowing Data on how to fix the uncommunicative table. I have no idea if those circles are actually a fix, but wow, they sure are pretty.
  5. And, finally, I know, everyone's into Fuck You, Penguin. But I really loved the one about how Egotistical deer think they are always making your day. "It's really because deer are huge attention whores."