July 16, 2009

great overview of how the npr api is being used

Those member stations are really exactly that; they are members of NPR. They essentially buy NPR programming. They’re distinct organizations from us. NPR is a content producer and distributor. They buy our programming and broadcast it out to the world. They also have their own corresponding web teams that can take NPR content and also produce their own content and create their own websites. So in the Digital Media Team, we take a lot of pride and effort in providing services that help those member stations better serve their communities and their listeners and audiences, using NPR content and using their own content. We work with them to try and satisfy their missions. And to the extent that they need NPR services or content, we work hard to try and provide those.

NPR’s Daniel Jacobon, quoted in How NPR is Embracing Open Source and Open APIs at radar.oreilly.com.

Super elegant use case for the API: capabilities from the mother ship to help member stations build unique experiences for local listeners. And then there’s all the other applications that individual developers are building, like the NPR Addict app from Bradley Flubacher, a developer and volunteer firefighter. Two thumbs up.